Assess with Authenticity

We help you assess with authenticity to bring the best companies and people together.

Our 4 Talent Pillars

Strengths Experts

We are the world leaders in strengths-based assessment.

Our proprietary assessment model of performance, energy and use identifies Capability and Engagement, finding people who both can-do and love-to.

A Cappfinity strengths assessment is taken every minute of every day.

Data Science & AI

Our data position is unique.

Over 15 years of data insights and 100m+ precise data points have helped us build the Success Graph, allowing us to understand, identify and predict the behaviors that deliver success.

Talent Technology

Our talent technology innovations have brought new advances in strengths, virtual reality, cognitive ability and user experience.

We deliver consistent improvement and impact for our clients and candidates. We operate at global scale, bringing secure, reliable, scalable talent technology solutions to every client.

Authentic Human Experience

Our people make us who we are.

Our teams of I/O psychologists, data scientists, engineers and philosophers bring human experience and informed perspective to everything we do.

We are focused on ensuring outcomes that are authentic and fair.

What’s in a Name?

We chose the company name Cappfinity as a portmanteau (blend of two words) of ‘Capp’ and ‘affinity’.

Capp was our original company name, going back to our origins as the Center for Applied Positive Psychology.

Affinity speaks to the heart of what we do and why we do it: the natural attraction and bond between people and companies, especially when that bond is based on people’s strengths.

As a result, Cappfinity was born.

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