A data-driven, immersive leadership assessment and development solution powered by strengths

What is Cappfinity Altitude?

Altitude is a flexible leadership assessment and development solution that can be used in multiple settings. For external recruitment, Altitude can be used to identify the best-matched executive talent for your organization and, in an internal setting, for succession planning, internal mobility and talent mapping. For development, Altitude helps to unlock potential and build leadership strengths.

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How does it work?

Altitude Assessment and Development can run as standalone programs or be combined for a complete, end-to-end solution.

For assessment, Altitude delivers:

  • A two-stage leadership assessment combining an immersive digital experience with an expert-led follow-up interview
  • Branded online assessments that are untimed but take approximately 30-40 minutes to complete
  • Detailed reports and feedback structured around the client’s own criteria, providing insight into the participant’s leadership style, impact and effectiveness, as well as their focus of energy when it comes to day-to-day leadership deliverables
  • Participant feedback including insight into strengths and weaknesses and to help leaders optimize their performance and impact
  • Analysis and insight into talent across the business, identifying areas of strength and gaps to be addressed
  • Altitude can be used for external recruitment or in an internal setting for succession planning, internal mobility, talent mapping, leadership benchmark testing and team building

For development, Altitude delivers:

  • A personalized development journey for your leaders, underpinned by assessment data for each individual or cohort
  • A detailed heat map based on the assessment data to identify specific development needs
  • A bespoke development journey comprising of a mix of diagnostics, executive coaching, interactive workshops, action learning and innovative digital content
  • Option to add deeper insight through ‘VR4D’ – Virtual Reality 4 Development

The Altitude 8

Agile thinking

Flexible, creative and insightful thinking. Revels in generating cutting-edge solutions to complex problems. Continually learning from mistakes and experiences.

Inclusive leadership

Energized by drawing on a diverse team for input and direction. Inspiring and convincing others by bringing their ‘true self’ to the table. Empowers others to develop and grow.

Relationship navigation

Enjoying the feeling of being ‘connected’. Building mutually supportive and honest relationships. Being receptive and aware of others’ needs and agendas. Genuinely collaborating across teams and functions.


Driven to do ‘the right thing’ rather than the expected thing. Speaks up, even when it is risky, to avoid the wrong path being taken. Persuades others through the power of conviction.


Motivated and energized by honoring commitments and reaching challenging goals. Sees things through and delivers. Understands risks and barriers.

Strategic vision

Sharp focus on, and passion for, planning and problem-solving for future realities. Clear line-of-sight to future business environment needs and requirements. Accurate analysis and balanced grasp of risk.


Understands own strengths and weaknesses. Open and honest about themselves. Remains positive when failing. Has a growth-mindset; belief in own ability to change and improve. Energetically pursues self-development.

Change facilitation

Confidently leads others through uncertainty. Enjoys re-assessing priorities. Translates demands of change into objectives that others can grasp. Provides hope and inspiration.

Why Cappfinity?

Strengths expertise

Our unique strengths-based methodology removes bias from hiring to help customers engage a wider pool of diverse talent

Global reach

Our offices in the US, UK, Ireland and Australia service and support 200 global clients and millions of candidates

Tried and tested solutions

Since 2005 global companies have trusted us to help them to find best-matched talent for their businesses

Industry authority

Our solutions have won numerous industry awards and we work with leading professional bodies including NACE, SIOP, AAGE and ISE