Thursday 27 May – 8:00am US CDT | 9:00am US EDT 

Strengths Profile helps people be their best self every day and unlock their potential by revealing their realized and unrealized strengths, learned behaviors and weaknesses.

Find out the latest research from the Strengths Profile team at Cappfinity to:

  • Understand, appreciate and celebrate diversity in your workplace by knowing the most and least common strengths
  • Support performance of your teams by understanding common weaknesses and how you can help
  • Appreciate the common energy dippers across your people so you can support well-being and engagement further
  • Increase potential in your people by knowing and developing the common unrealized strengths

After the webinar, you’ll receive a copy of our whitepaper that explores these key themes in full depth. If you can’t make the webinar time, please do still register and we will send a recording of the event, along with the whitepaper.

About your host:

Trudy Bateman, Director of Strengths Profile – Trudy is a leader, speaker, facilitator, coach, consultant, parent and friend on the topic of making a difference through the lens of strengths. She’s worked with thousands of individuals, teams and coaches over the last 11 years to help themselves and others find their Best SELF and love what they do.