Managing self and others in a complex, hybrid world

The world is pivoting to ‘hybrid-working’, and managers are the lynch pin in making this work. Yet there are a myriad of challenges facing hybrid managers – and no rule book to follow. From ‘the Great Resignation’ that is seeing 41% of people considering leaving their employer within the next year, to risks to inclusion and collaboration as remote working has increased our communication with our close networks by 87%, whilst that with our extended networks has fallen (Microsoft 2021 Work Trend Index).

Managers need support in flexing their strengths and skills to continue to deliver performance in this complex environment. There is no one-size-fits all solution. Instead, managers need self-awareness and agility to adapt to the challenges of having teams frequently (if not permanently) apart, the ever-developing, diverse needs of individuals and the always present threat of burnout.

Sign up to our upcoming webinar where we will be joined by a diverse panel who have personal experience of the huge breadth of day-to-day challenges that managers face today, from having to let people go remotely, to onboarding a totally new team during the pandemic:

  • Juliet Cohen – Head of HR, EMEA at Thomson Reuters
  • Andy MacGovern – Global Head of Learning & Development at Solvay

After the webinar, everyone who signs up will receive a complimentary link to our W.I.S.E quiz – which will reveal your areas of strengths and relative weaknesses in managing others wisely in a hybrid world. If you cannot make the webinar, please still sign up and we will send you the recording and a link to the quiz.

Cappfinity’s approach to W.I.S.E hybrid management is built on our 2021 whitepaper industry research, years of strengths data and our observations in the field. Our solution combines evidence-based models with practical tools to ensure new and legacy managers are able to transform their team culture to work in a hybrid world.