Cappfinity is a Diamond Sponsor at URx Forward

URx Forward is a live online event for early career and university recruiting community. URx Forward aims to help attendees prepare for the new realities of recruiting.  URx Forward will provide thought leadership, skill-building workshops, and opportunities to connect. #URxForward!

Cappfinity’s: Overcoming Bias, Early Career Recruitment, and Hiring session is led by:

Nicky Garcea, Co-Founder/Chief Customer Officer, Cappfinity
Reena Jamnadas Ph.D. Managing Consultant, Cappfinity
Jamilla Smith, Senior Campus Recruiter at Bloomberg
Rebecca Soto, Manager, DiverseAbility Team Talent Acquisition, Maximus

Session Description

For too long, organizations relied on target schools and employed strategies or traditional recruiting policies that left too many candidates out. For example, if candidates were not enrolled at the “right” schools, achieved high test scores, or had an impressive list of internships, they didn’t make it through the early career recruitment process. But is matriculation or test scores predicative of career readiness or success? No, they are not. However strengths-based methodologies are and helps employers engage and hire diverse early career talent. Strengths based methodologies are key to fueling an inclusive talent pipeline.

Join this session to discover:

  • Actionable steps to eliminate bias in the early careers recruitment and hiring processes.
  • A deeper understanding of the role inclusivity plays in exceptional candidate experiences.