Thursday October 7 – 2pm-6pm ET

The use of artificial intelligence, data analytics, and assessments is changing the way employers identify and hire new employees around the world, in countless industries, and these powerful tools are beginning to make themselves felt in the legal talent world.  Law firms are increasingly approached by vendors with tools that promise greater efficiency and greater diversity in recruiting and hiring.  Will these tools really revolutionize legal recruiting?  Can they deliver on their promises of reducing bias and creating better matches between lawyers and firms?  More importantly, what do you need to know to talk to vendors, candidates, and management about these tools so that you can be the leader of the conversation?  This conference will give you the framework you need to understand what these new tools are and what they are not, and an opportunity to hear directly from the companies that make and sell these products, and from some of the legal employers who have begun to use them.  Don’t miss this unique opportunity to develop your own expertise about this increasingly important set of tools.

In the final panel of the day, ‘So How Does All This Really Work?’ at 5.10pm-6pm ET you will hear from legal career professionals who actually use these services. Are they seeing a reduction in bias in the process? Are more thoughtful hiring decisions being made? Are they seeing success with the candidates? Are candidates coming through the process who wouldn’t normally be seen by the firm? Join Board Member Jessica Sisco as she moderates a panel of legal talent professionals who use assessments and data analytics in recruiting including Cappfinity client, James Boyle, Director of Recruiting at Latham & Watkins LLP, who will be talking about how they are adopting assessments globally, to help understand applicants’ natural approach to work.
Event hosted by the NALP