Workplace Solutions: AI, Algorithms, and Assessments is a virtual fireside devoted to helping talent leaders make informed decisions!

Talent leaders are working to identify, recruit, hire and develop talent to support business goals and customer success. More and more have come to rely on HR technology to help them ensure their workplaces are fast, fair, and equitable. The good news, many HR tech solutions are doing just that. Join us for Workplace Solutions: AI, Algorithms, and Assessments, on March 1, 2023. This exclusive fireside chat is devoted to helping talent leaders make informed decisions.

This fireside chat will feature Dr. Fred Oswald, Rice University, Helen Dovey, Chief Assessment Officer, Cappfinity, Dr. Stephen Mueller, Head of Consulting at Cappfinity, and will be moderated by Nicky Garcea, Co-Founder, President of Cappfinity.

Make plans to join us if any of these questions are top of mind for you or your team:

• Why are states passing laws? Doesn’t the federal government (EEOC) provide oversight?

• What should talent leaders know about New York Automated Employment Decision Tools

• AI audits: What to look for. What should talent leaders ask about?

• Beyond state and federal guidelines, what should talent leaders aim for?

• Myth busting? What should we know about ChatGPT?