Market-leading strengths-based 360 tool

InPerspective is the world’s first strengths-based 360 tool that measures both performance and energy.


Individual and peer generated insight in your incumbent talent make up

Incorporate strengths and behavioral insight missed by traditional 360 tools


Clean, clear and insightful data about your people and their performance

Make informed talent decisions with multiple data points


Determine and set parameters for individual and peer contributions

Effectively and efficiently monitor completions and uptake rates

Why choose InPerspective?


The first strengths-based 360 on the market, based on Cappfinity’s Strengths methodology measuring performance AND energy.


Organizations can measure behavior change over time and demonstrate ROI through benchmarking against an individual’s or group’s historical data.


Reports are easy to interpret without the need for an expert debrief.


Dashboards offer group-level data and a view across multiple projects through one platform.


Built in debrief questions, development suggestions, and interactive action planning support self-led development.


InPerspective can be customized for early careers, managers and leaders.

How does it work?


Areas for development and hidden talents are highlighted, educating users about differences in stakeholder perspectives and their own self-view; providing a focus for development.


Reports are intuitive and interactive making them easy to navigate and interpret without the need for an expert debrief.


Quick to implement and easy to use, InPerspective offers self-service administration and real-time tracking of completions across multiple projects.

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