Preparation Plus

Preparation Plus provides a brand aligned and customized pre-application experience for your potential hires – offering more opportunity and exposure for students from historically underrepresented groups, traditionally missed by many campus recruiting efforts as well as familiarizing your possible recruits with assessment techniques and your application process.


Widen your applicant base with support, guidance and the opportunity to practice for assessment

Give hints and tips of how your applicant can showcase their best self and what you’re looking for


Understand who has engaged with your brand in advance of making an application

Bolster your talent pipeline with direct outreach to specific talent populations


Create seamless branded experiences that enhance your employer brand and application process

Incorporate and media format into a welcoming and informative pre-application hub

How does it work?


Self-insights into individual strengths, learning styles, work preferences and values through online tools


Introduction to practice test questions including critical, verbal and numerical reasoning items as well as interview hints and tips and other valuable guidance, all customized to your organizational needs aligned to your brand


Opportunity for learners to practice a work simulation to increase their confidence and preparation before completing a live employer evaluation


Completion of your work simulation and evaluation to help you to prioritize and fast-track prospects

Why choose Preparation plus?


Measure the skills, attributes and strengths that matter to your business now and in the future


Demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion by leveling the playing field for all applicants



Enhance your employer brand by creating a rich candidate experience


Optimize efficiency by digitizing recruitment processes and blending assessment types


Identify the best-matched candidates for your business


What candidates say


of candidates agreed that the assessment provided clear instructions, is engaging, and shares insight into the company


of candidates agreed that they felt like they were able to answer authentically and be themselves in the assessment


of candidates agreed that the assessment provided them with greater insight into the company they applied to

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