Talent Mapping

The starting point for all assessment design, Futuremark is our proprietary Success Analysis, an in-depth analysis to identify the attributes needed for high performance in any job family or specific role within your organization.


Our leading unobtrusive multi-method identification of all the facets required for success in role

A richer level of insight into what good looks like, from an individual function to the organization as a whole


Identify the behavioral strengths, values and abilities and how to assess for them in context

Use your success analysis output as the data spine for your assessment and development solutions


Intuitive survey style response options allowing for quick and easy completion

Easy to determine graphical representation of results ensuring your focus is on being able to measure what matters

Why choose Success Analysis?


Find best-matched candidates by focusing on the attributes needed for high performance


Remove bias from the assessment process


Gain insight into what drives success in different roles within your business


Benefit from effective and efficient talent identification

How does it work?


Futuremark is a multi-method approach to identify the behaviors, values, strengths and/or abilities required for success within specific roles or organizations.


Starting with this analysis ensures a better prediction of performance, a better use of candidate’s time and helps to mitigate bias by focusing the assessment on the specifics of the job requirement in the relevant context, rather than use generic traditional assessments that typically favor certain demographics.

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