Combining technology with human insight

Focused on helping individuals make the best of each opportunity for themselves and their career, we combine technology with human insight to deliver innovative, data-led development solutions.

Our data-led development solutions are designed using Cappfinity’s unique strengths-based methodology and delivered leveraging practical tools that have real impact. We partner with you to identify your critical capabilities and shape these objectives into a tailored learning journey, built from our dynamic and established products.

Individuals benefit from our blended approach to development, ensuring all learning styles are considered through our insightful content and market-leading virtual reality experiences.

Success Analysis

Through a blend of research methods we gain a deep understanding of specific capabilities that are required and need strengthening within your organization. This phase underpins the content design and ensures that the coaches and facilitators can pitch sessions effectively.

My Strengths Coach

Using a wide range of digital learning resources, users can tailor the content they receive based on their learning styles and access at their own convenience through this mobile-optimized solution.

Virtual Reality for Development

VR for Development combines traditional coaching with observation. The coach focuses on analyzing how the delegate performs tasks in the virtual environments. This is followed by an in-depth one-to-one coaching session.

Strengths Profile

This dynamic developmental tool measures 60 attributes, categorizing them as realized and unrealized strengths, learned behaviors and weaknesses, and is supported by a detailed profile with development suggestions.

360 Feedback Reports

Our 360 feedback report provides a deeper insight into a delegate’s capability, providing them with more material to refer to when determining their development goals. A 360 can be completed pre and post development to establish the effectiveness of the intervention.

Workshops and Action Learning Sets

Our workshops can be delivered face-to-face or virtually and are highly experiential. We cite evidence-based research and leverage best practice techniques to ensure learning transfers into the workplace.


If our solution includes a diagnostic or assessment, delegates benefit from having a coaching session to realize the full value of these tools. The coaching provides the delegate with an opportunity to deeply explore and reflect on their results and focus them on their development – delivered virtually or face-to-face.

90-Day Toolkit

The 90-Day Toolkit is a guided and interactive workbook with a balance of psychology, exercises and reflections to support delegates through their first 90 days in a new role or at a new company.


Discover Your Strengths

Based on Cappfinity’s world leading methodology in identifying strengths, this highly experiential workshop is designed to increase self-awareness and get the most from your Strengths Profile.

This 90-minute face-to-face workshop will cover:
  • • What defines a strength and the benefits of using them at work
  • • Individual Strengths Profile assessment, supported by a guided coaching conversation with a partner
  • • Practical ideas on how to communicate and apply your strengths, committing to actions as follow-up
  • • The importance of communicating your strengths with your team and stakeholders

Leading with Strengths

Our Leading with Strengths workshop is a 3-hour workshop structured to explore our internal awareness by building on a Strengths Profile and coaching conversations. It provides the opportunity for leaders to explore how to leverage their strengths to influence and engage teams, while simultaneously bolstering an authentic leadership brand.

This 3-hour face-to-face workshop will cover:
  • • What defines a strength and the benefits of using them at work
  • • Individual Strengths Profile assessment, supported by a guided coaching conversation exploring key themes
  • • Practical ideas on how to apply your strengths to engage and influence teams
  • • Understanding, using and integrating strengths into leadership brand management

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