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Cappfinity is the global leader in strengths-based assessment and development, providing award-winning talent solutions to forward-thinking companies.

Cappfinity was founded in 2005 by Dr Alex Linley, a leading expert in strengths psychology and Nicky Garcea, psychologist and strengths expert. In 2018, an investment from Education Growth Partners was the catalyst for international expansion; the launch of Cappfinity in Australia in September 2018 was followed by the opening of our first US office in New York in January 2019.

Today our teams in the US, UK, Ireland and Australia are proud to be working with more than 200 organisations and millions of individuals in service of our shared purpose of Strengthening the World.

Why strengths?

Strengths are the things that we do well and find energising, they are found in every person.

Strengths can be interpersonal, like Rapport Builder, they can be about how we think, like Creativity or how we are motivated, like Drive. They can also be about who we are as people, what we stand for or what we believe – like Gratitude or Humility.

Our own work with global businesses and many different scientific studies have shown that when we use our strengths, we are happier and experience more vitality and positive emotions. We are less stressed, better at achieving our goals, perform better and are more engaged at work.

Selecting from strengths is naturally bias-free because our strengths are inherent and authentic to who we are. When you hire based on their strengths you level the playing field for all underrepresented candidates.

Dr Alex Linley

Dr Alex Linley is CEO of Cappfinity and an internationally renowned positive psychologist. As Co-founder of Cappfinity, Alex blends psychological rigor with data science and technology to develop award-winning programmes that help companies identify and develop talent with strengths. Alex developed Cappfinity’s unique strengths-based methodology and has been a Visiting Professor in Psychology since 2007. In his former academic career Alex published over 150 academic papers and wrote or edited eight books, including The Strengths Book.

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Nicky Garcea

Nicky Garcea is a Co-founder and Chief Customer Officer at Cappfinity. She is an accredited industrial psychologist. Nicky works with Cappfinity clients globally and heads up the Americas. Nicky has over 20 years’ experience working with global clients. She is a pioneer in recruiting and developing for strengths and the recruitment and promotion of underrepresented talent. Nicky is a regular keynote speaker on candidate experience and immersive recruitment technology.

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