Make the right Talent Management decisions now and for the future


Measure what matters

The starting point for all assessment design, Futuremark is in-depth analysis to identify the attributes needed for high performance in a specific role within your organisation.

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A platform to prepare, upskill and level the playing field for all candidates

VEE is a market first combining customised work simulations and exercises to help learners develop in-demand strengths.

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A rapid, mobile-ready assessment

Customisable for volume or experienced hire, Tempo requires minimum candidate input for maximum candidate insight.

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An unrivalled assessment experience

Capptivate takes your culture and brand to the applicant and evaluates only what matters to your business.

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An immersive digital job simulation

Simulate provides the candidate with an authentic experience of the job and you as an employer.

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A flexible, user-friendly video interview platform

Snapshot is an asynchronous video interview platform that is convenient to access and easy to use.

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Koru7 Impact Skills Assessment measures in-demand soft skills

The Koru7 Impact Skills Assessment is designed to measure the 7 soft skills that every employer is looking for in their best-fit hires.

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robust, insightful and immersive assessment centre experience

Our Virtual Assessment Centre blends live and asynchronous assessments to provide an engaging and memorable learning experience.

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Start Strong

Onboarding for early careers

A unique, strengths-led onboarding package that takes your new early careers professional from offer to the end of their first 90 days.

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Early Impact

Strengths-based development for graduates, interns and apprentices

Cappfinity Early Impact swiftly unleashes the potential of Graduates, Interns and Apprentices.

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Market-leading strengths-based 360 tool

InPerspective provides insight into an employee’s strengths, weaknesses, competencies and potential.

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Strengths Profile

Be your Best SELF with Strengths Profile

Strengths Profile gives you powerful and unique insights into your realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses.

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Discover and develop strengths

The Cappfinity Strengths Discovery package enables participants to fully explore, assimilate and action their unique ‘Strengths Profile’ – as revealed by Cappfinity’s world-leading online strengths tool.

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Data-driven leadership assessment and development

A flexible, immersive leadership assessment and development solution powered by strengths.

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