The Koru7 Impact Skills Assessment has been specifically developed to measure the soft skills needed in today’s world of work.

What are the Koru7 Impact Skills?

The Koru7 Impact Skills are the new signals of success in the modern economy. The 7 soft skills that every employer is looking for in their best-fit hires: Grit, Rigour, Impact, Teamwork, Curiosity, Ownership and Polish.

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How does it work?


We develop your company’s Impact Skills hiring fingerprint.

A data-informed picture of the Impact Skills profile that defines success for your role and company.


Every candidate completes an online pre-interview.

Candidates take a simple and fun online 20-minute assessment and receive automated customized feedback on their Impact Skills.


Identify top potential hires with the Candidate Fit Score.

Each candidate is awarded a Fit Score and Koru7 Impact Skills profile, empowering your team to make faster, data-driven hiring decisions.

Looking for Koru Develop bootcamps that help candidates and early-in-career talent accelerate their ramp to productivity and impact?

These are delivered by our friends at Adjacent Academies.

The Koru7 Impact Skills


The ability to stick with it when things get hard. When directions are not explicit, people with Grit make sense of ambiguous situations.


Companies now care about data in all areas, so we assess for the ability to read, interpret and process data quickly and in a detail-oriented way.


Understand your contribution and impact to the larger organization’s objectives. People with Impact are efficient and think about the company’s success instead of just their own.


Everyone must collaborate to produce work and drive results. People with Teamwork do this naturally and bring on the success of those around them.


People with Curiosity are interested in everything and keen to learn from the perspectives of others. They take in new information and come up with innovative solutions as a result.


People with Ownership can be a joy to work with, contributing to great teams and great outcomes. They take the initiative to get things done and ensure shared success.


Being an effective communicator is important for co-workers and clients alike. From writing effective emails to asking thoughtful questions, people with Polish are great communicators.

Why Cappfinity?

Strengths expertise

Our unique strengths-based methodology removes bias from hiring to help customers engage a wider pool of diverse talent

Global reach

Our offices in the US, UK, Ireland and Australia service and support 200 global clients and millions of candidates

Tried and tested solutions

Since 2005 global companies have trusted us to help them to find best-matched talent for their businesses

Industry authority

Our solutions have won numerous industry awards and we work with leading professional bodies including NACE, SIOP, AAGE and ISE