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Reasoning Tests

Assessing capability without adverse impact


The Critical Reasoning Test (CRT) is one of our innovative aptitude/psychometric tests and introduces the next generation of online testing. It assesses much more than critical reasoning, including judging arguments, evaluating evidence, drawing logical conclusions, identifying assumptions, and deducing conclusions. The CRT asks candidates to rate their confidence in their answers, providing invaluable additional insight into a person’s critical capability.

The item writing of the CRT focuses on modern society, and the events and occurrences applicable in the world we live and work in today. The CRT is modular in construct and can be customized accordingly – simply assess what you want to assess.

The CRT is relevant for any role where it is important to consider a range of information derived from many different sources, to process this information in a creative and logical manner, challenging it, analyzing it and arriving at considered conclusions. Most analytical roles will test for this capability and it can be used from graduate to managerial level.


The Numerical Reasoning Test (NRT) is designed with clear and well-defined acknowledgment to the everyday working world we find ourselves living in today. The NRT helps you discover candidates’ numerical performance, focusing on their accuracy and efficiency.

Throughout the test the user is asked to identify relevant data to engage with and prioritize, comprehend a range of numerical information, interpret data presented in tables/graphs and modern visual formats, manipulate numerical data, and decipher problems and make decisions, thus deducting the commercial or pragmatic meaning of the data. The unique element surrounding the platform is that it’s a time-recorded test rather than time-limited.

The NRT is used for assessing suitability for roles that require analysis of information and data sets. Such roles could include administrative controllers, processing staff, research and development team members, commercial apprentices and trainees, as well as junior and middle managers.


The Verbal Reasoning Test (VRT) is an engaging and innovative psychometric assessment of verbal communication in the modern workplace. The VRT assesses a candidate’s aptitude to think logically about written communication in line with how we live our lives in today’s world. The test uses dynamic assessment techniques to self-generate questions in line with a person’s ability.

Some roles may require faster working with less emphasis on verbal accuracy, whereas others may require perfect verbal accuracy within slower timeframes. The VRT has questions that test at every level, whilst our proprietary scoring algorithm accounts for the speed, accuracy, and difficulty of each question, allowing precise measurement and greater candidate differentiation. Our VRT is set apart from other aptitude tests by our progressive time-recorded approach, rather than time-limited, to provide the best candidate experience.

The VRT is relevant for any role where it is important to interpret and understand written information. Roles that may test for this capability include administrative staff, creative and marketing jobs, HR, journalism, PR, and many more. However, most employers will require this capability to a greater or lesser degree within any role.


  • 97% of candidates found the Reasoning Tests innovative because they are time-recorded not time-limited
  • 89% of candidates felt under less pressure because of the time-recorded approach
  • 0% adverse impact – leveling the playing field for all candidates
Reasoning Tests



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