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Strengths-based Assessment Center

Leverage your brand and provide the most authentic experience

Authentic Candidate Experience

Our Assessment Centers combine different Strengths-based exercises for the best candidate experience, including our innovative VR assessment. Our Centers are designed to not only give you the best possible insight, it will also ensure you leverage your brand and provide the very best candidate experience. The most authentic experience is created when you eliminate bias and prevent over-preparedness. Our flexible ‘mix and match’ approach offers a number of different options to support this and deliver the most authentic assessment possible.

Unique Immersive Environments

All or a combination of our exercises can help improve selection decisions and ensure you put the right people in the right roles, as well as providing the best possible candidate experience. These include:

  • Micro-assessment: 3-5-minute exercises or unexpected tasks to tap into a single strength
  • The Void: Creating a totally neutral environment to see how candidates respond without instruction
  • Undercover Assessment: Unknown to candidates these are woven into the day to assess natural behaviors
  • Virtual Reality: Full immersion into a number of virtual environments

The Strengths-based Assessment Center is an opportunity for you to assess a larger number of candidates, which is why this approach is often used within Early Talent and Volume Recruitment processes. Candidates are benchmarked against a specific set of criteria within a consistent environment by a group of trained assessors, allowing organizations to make more accurate decisions. The majority of organizations use the Assessment Center at the end of the process with a pre-selected group of candidates to decide who will be made a final offer.


For clients

  • 73% of assessors agree or strongly agree they are more engaged using a Strengths-based Assessment Center
  • 12% higher acceptance rate through better candidate quality at Strengths-based Assessment Centers

For candidates

  • 96% of candidates reported that the Strengths-based Assessment Center exercises are engaging
  • 99% of candidates described the Strengths-based Assessment Center exercises as fresh and current
  • 94% of the successful candidates felt the Strengths-based Assessment Center exercises were challenging to complete
Strengths-based Assessment Center



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