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Strengths-based Interview

elicit less rehearsed responses and encourage authenticity

An Authentic Experience

Designed around the strengths required within an organization and role, the Strengths-based Interview offers a different interview experience. It allows you to assess capability and energy in a fast-paced and less ambiguous manner, encouraging authentic responses and allowing better differentiation between low, average, and high performers. The Strengths-based Interview is used in a full range of industry sectors and all organization levels with enormous success. This is due to the approach we take to design and implementation.

Intuitive Scoring Methodology

For each organization a range of bespoke questions will be developed to enable testing of individual strengths. Using our unique Cappfinity Strengths matrix – a simple and intuitive scoring methodology – assessors will be able to elicit less rehearsed responses from candidates compared to the traditional competency approach. Full training is provided to equip assessors with an understanding of strengths and the scoring matrix.


For clients

  • 74% of assessors judged the Strengths-based Interview to better distinguish between low, average, and high performers
  • 72% of interviewers judged the Strengths-based Interview to encourage less-rehearsed responses
  • 15% greater deselection at interview was reported by organizations using the Strengths-based Interview

For candidates

  • 75% of candidates cited the Strengths-based Interview as an enjoyable experience
  • 85% of candidates agreed the Strengths-based Interview allowed them to show who they really were
Strengths-based Interview



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