An immersive digital job simulation that gives candidates a realistic preview of the role and delivers authentic role performance insight for employers.

What is Simulate?

Simulate is a digital job simulation including asynchronous video and virtual in-tray activities that replicate key aspects of the role. Simulate provides the candidate with an authentic experience of the job and an insight into the working environment.

How does it work?

Simulate combines a range of activities to evaluate the key strengths and cognitive capabilities required for success in the role.


Candidates are presented with different real-life scenarios, enabling them to understand their fit and enjoyment of the role.


The blend of assessment types provides in-depth insight into candidates’ strengths and abilities, and enables the candidate to showcase their capability in one assessment sitting.


Simulate has a built-in algorithm designed to identify the skills, experience and behaviors that will predict success in the role. This can include automated elements alongside candidate responses and video.


Simulate can be utilized at the top of the funnel or alongside other Cappfinity products, including Capptivate and Tempo, to help you to manage a high-volume talent pipeline.


Clients use this product to replace a more traditional video interview due to its highly engaging candidate experience and greater insight into candidates’ performance in role-specific situations.

Why choose Simulate?

Provides the candidate with a virtual in-tray experience that closely replicates real aspects of the role

Combines an immersive mix of assessment items and video responses

Gives candidates realistic insight into different business areas and roles

Provides candidates with the opportunity to showcase their capabilities and strengths

Why Cappfinity?

Strengths expertise

Our unique strengths-based methodology removes bias from hiring to help customers engage a wider pool of diverse talent

Global reach

Our offices in the US, UK, Ireland and Australia service and support 200 global clients and millions of candidates

Tried and tested solutions

Since 2005 global companies have trusted us to help them to find best-matched talent for their businesses

Industry authority

Our solutions have won numerous industry awards and we work with leading professional bodies including NACE, SIOP, AAGE and ISE