Market-leading solutions spanning Recruitment through to Development and Transformation

Recruitment Solutions

Our recruitment solutions are designed to set you apart from the competition – making sure you stand out as an employer and furthermore, ensuring you measure what matters to your business.

Recruiting Emerging Talent

We support you in recruiting apprentices and graduates who perform exceptionally well and have a genuine motivation and energy for what they do.

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Recruiting in Volume

Our inclusive assessments and services help you increase diversity and quality in your recruitment process which supports faster bias free hiring decisions.

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Recruiting for Experience

Create truly authentic assessment experiences that drive immersion and educate the candidate about your company and role, as you learn what you need to know about them.

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Recruiting Leaders

For hiring externally or looking to promote from within, our Altitude Leadership Assessment profiles your talent against strengths, capability and risk.

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Development Solutions

Innovative data-led development solutions to suit any budget.

Focused on helping individuals make the best of each opportunity for themselves and their career, we combine technology with human insight to deliver innovative, data-led development experiences.

Success Analysis

Through a blend of research methods we gain a deep understanding of specific capabilities that are required and need strengthening within your organization. This phase underpins the content design and ensures that the coaches and facilitators can pitch sessions effectively.

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My Strengths Coach

My Strengths Coach is our customizable online learning platform. Using a wide range of digital learning resources, users can navigate the content based on their need in the moment and access at their own convenience through the mobile optimized solution.

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Virtual Reality for Development

VR for Development combines traditional coaching with observation and cutting-edge technology. This approach increases the amount of data our expert coaches have to work with – strengths reports, biometrics, authentic real time observations and 360 feedback, thereby intensifying the insight for the participant.

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Strengths Profile

This dynamic developmental tool measures 60 attributes, categorizing them as realized and unrealized strengths, learned behaviors and weaknesses, and is supported by a detailed profile with development suggestions.

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360-Feedback Reports

Our 360-Feedback Reports provide a deeper insight into a delegate’s capability based on bespoke frameworks, providing them with rich insights when determining their development goals. A 360 can be completed pre and post development to establish the effectiveness of the intervention and track behavior change.

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Workshops and Action Learning Sets

Our workshops can be delivered face-to-face or virtually and are highly experiential. We cite evidence-based research and leverage best practice techniques to ensure learning transfers into the workplace.


If our solution includes a diagnostic or assessment, delegates benefit from having a coaching session to realize the full value of these tools. The coaching provides the delegate with an opportunity to deeply explore and reflect on their results and focus them on their development – delivered virtually or face-to-face.

90 Day Toolkit

The 90-Day Toolkit is a guided and interactive workbook with a balance of psychology, exercises and reflections to support delegates through their first 90 days in a new role or at a new company.

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Why Cappfinity?

Strengths expertise

Our unique strengths-based methodology removes bias from hiring to help customers engage a wider pool of diverse talent

Global reach

Our offices in the US, UK, Ireland and Australia service and support 200 global clients and millions of candidates

Tried and tested solutions

Since 2005 global companies have trusted us to help them to find best-matched talent for their businesses

Industry authority

Our solutions have won numerous industry awards and we work with leading professional bodies including NACE, SIOP, AAGE and ISE

Technology Partners

Cappfinity solutions seamlessly integrates with a wide range of candidate management, talent acquisition, and applicant tracking systems. Cappfinity offers unmatched reliability, scalability, compliance, and security. Our platform can integrate with major enterprise ATS systems, sync with major calendaring solutions, and be designed based on job types (hourly, professional, experienced hire).

Social Impact Partners

Cappfinity’s  social impact partnerships help talent leaders and employers recruit, attract, and retain talent from historically underrepresented populations such as gender, gender identity and expression, race, ethnicity, culture, religious beliefs, diversity of thought, marital status, family composition, education, experience, active military, veterans, abilities and disabilities, and neurodiversity.