Strengths Together

At Cappfinity, our purpose has always been  Strengthening the World. The coronavirus challenge is a time that it feels like the world needs strengthening more than ever. When people know what their strengths are and use those strengths, good things happen. Amongst many other things, they are happier, more fulfilled, more engaged at work, more resilient and better able to cope with stress. With everything that the world is facing today, these are outcomes that all of us would want to achieve for ourselves and for those around us, including our children, families, friends and colleagues.

During April 2020 we made our Introductory Strengths Profile free for any individual user and we were able to support over 25,000 people to understand their strengths. We also posted daily strengths tips, covering the full 60 strengths of Strengths Profile, so people could take action for themselves and to help others. These are in order of the most prevalent strengths in the world.

We hope the gift of strengths can support to uplift the world through these challenging times. If you need any further support contact the Strengths Profile team here.



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