A mobile first, fast and fair assessment

What is Tempo?

Tempo is an inclusive and predictive pre-interview assessment. With a client specific interface, Tempo showcases the latest in assessment design and candidate feedback.

How does it work?

By assessing the 4 talent predictors;


Strengths – Identify and test 8 strengths that align to success in a role


Skills – Select and assess business-critical soft skills at the onset of sourcing


Personality – Measure the personality traits that deliver performance at work


Experience – Discover meaningful work experiences beyond a resume

Tempo delivers:


Pre-hire data based four talent predictors


Automated feedback report for all candidates


An insight board allowing you to prioritize and contact candidates


Individual recruiter reports including dynamic interview questions

Why choose Tempo?

Tempo enables you to:

A mobile-first, candidate-led assessment experience

Easily configured, fast to implement

Uses blended assessment types to ensure fairness and efficiency

What candidates say


of candidates agreed that the assessment provided clear instructions, was engaging, and shared insight into the company


of candidates agreed that they felt like they were able to answer authentically and be themselves in the assessment


of candidates agreed that the assessment provided them with greater insight into the company they applied to

Why Cappfinity?

Strengths expertise

Our unique strengths-based methodology removes bias from hiring to help customers engage a wider pool of diverse talent

Global reach

Our offices in the US, UK, Ireland and Australia service and support 200 global clients and millions of candidates

Tried and tested solutions

Since 2005 global companies have trusted us to help them to find best-matched talent for their businesses

Industry authority

Our solutions have won numerous industry awards and we work with leading professional bodies including NACE, SIOP, AAGE and ISE