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Assess with Authenticity

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Assess with Authenticity for Recruitment

Recruiting Emerging Talent

We support you in recruiting apprentices and graduates who perform exceptionally well and have a genuine motivation and energy for what they do.

Recruiting in Volume

Though our inclusive assessment design we help you focus on diversity and quality in your process, helping you make faster hiring decisions with bias-free algorithmic assessment and AI optimization.

Recruiting for Experience

Create truly authentic assessment experiences that drive immersion and educate the candidate about your company and role, as you learn what you need to know about them.

Recruiting Leaders

For hiring externally or looking to promote from within, our Altitude Leadership Assessment profiles your talent against strengths, capability and risk.


Assess with Authenticity for Development

Data-led Development

Focused on helping individuals make the best of each opportunity for themselves and their career, we combine technology with human insight to deliver innovative, data-led development solutions.


Assess with Authenticity for Transformation

Companies will spend almost $2 trillion on digital transformation by 2022 (IDC, 2018).
With a 70% transformation failure rate, this puts $1.4 trillion of capital investment at risk.

We de-risk your transformation efforts by focusing on the biggest point of failure: people not adopting new behaviors or ways of working fast enough to deliver the transformation outcomes. We do this by putting authentic assessment and data-led development at the heart of your transformation program.


Success Analysis

We use our proprietary Success Analysis to help you work out what future success looks like. This tells you who you need where, doing what.

Success framework specific to your company, function and roles. This provides the right foundation and direction for everything that follows.


Authentic Assessment

Our Capptivate platform is designed and configured to deliver just the right assessments for your transformation needs, measuring what matters for you.

Deep, personalized insight into each team member together with insight reports for each individual, and manager, function and organization reports for the company overall.


Data-led Development

Our transformation development plan helps leverage the best of people’s strengths and capabilities to help them prepare for and deliver what comes next.

Transformation development plan, designed and delivered. This could include development programs using strengths and virtual reality, one-to-one coaching or virtual online support.


Assess with Authenticity – The Results


Inclusive assessment by design using context, language and imagery that is inclusive of gender, ethnicity, sexuality and social background.

Quality of Hire

The right people in the right roles – get can-do love-to people. People that deliver results and have the DNA that’s a match for your business.


Get it right first time with automated processes for faster hiring decisions. Make best use of your time and your candidates’ time.


See reduced time to competency and longer role tenure through better talent matching.


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