One Platform,
Many Applications

The Capptivate platform delivers a brilliantly branded, customized experience for every user.

Serve any combination of assessments across multiple roles, functions or levels – all from the same platform.

From off-the-shelf testing to complex multi-media job simulations, Capptivate Assessments deliver an experience to leverage your brand and engage your audience.

Authentic, Informative, Bias-free

Our proprietary Success Analysis helps you establish what matters most for you.

We define your optimal assessment blend with any combination of strengths, skills, preferences, cognitive ability, personality, values or experience.

Measure what matters

Real-time assessment data with customizable dashboard views displaying the information that matters to you.

Data-backed decision making

Customizable reporting that powers both candidate feedback and business insight. Tailored to suit your audience with powerful content and deep insights.

Insight and analysis – all beautifully branded

Powerful schedule management software, automating the complexities of timetabling and data management – fingertip management of time, people, locations and activities.

Plan and manage any event, anytime, anywhere – with real-time data capture

Intuitive applicant screening tool that supports any scoring methodology and question type. Manage your own user rights and permissions. Assign tasks to individuals with our powerful online screening software.

Intuitive, accessible candidate management software

Candidate response through our innovative video capture technology. Used within blended online assessments and job simulations or in standalone video interview format. Drive deeper immersion with integrated video response.

Realistic context for authentic video capture

Award-winning Virtual Reality Assessment delivering outstanding results – brand impact, assessment experience, innovation reputation. First-hand real-time authentic insight into strengths and behaviors through innovative and market-leading Virtual Reality Assessment.

Real assessment in a virtual world


The Koru7 Impact Skills Assessment has been specifically developed to measure the soft skills needed in today’s world of work.

Find the impact skills for success

Strengths Profile

Strengths Profile gives you powerful and unique insights into your realized and unrealized strengths, learned behaviors and weaknesses.

Be your Best SELF with Strengths Profile

Security as Standard

Peace of mind knowing Capptivate and our cloud-based hosting infrastructure ensure compliance to the highest industry standards.


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