Cappfinity Virtual Experience and Evaluation (VEE) is a new concept that levels the playing field by giving all graduates an equal opportunity to discover their strengths, experience sample exercises and benefit from exposure to some of the world’s leading graduate employers.

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We’ve developed Cappfinity VEE in response to findings from our #2020Strong research with Lindsey Pollak, which highlighted that global talent leaders want to make bold changes to campus recruiting strategies to reach and attract more diverse talent.

Cappfinity VEE gives employers the opportunity to reach a wider pool of diverse talent, showcase their employer brand and find the best-matched talent to future-proof their business.

What is Cappfinity VEE?

Cappfinity VEE is a platform for talent attraction and pipeline building that empowers candidates to ‘test-run’ roles that align with their strengths, while providing customized work simulations that align to your organization’s competencies and needs.

Purpose-built work simulation aligned with your brand, your competencies and unbiased evaluation tools created by I/O Psychologists and Data Scientists.

Find and fast-track best-matched diverse talent – from anywhere, when being on campus doesn’t matter.

How does Cappfinity VEE work?

1. Voice

Level the playing field by providing world-class career support & preparation, accessible to all candidates to engage in a strengths-based career review.

2. Explore

Provide strengths-based career direction, feedback, essential skills, insights into work preferences, and values through customised work simulations that provide hands-on real-world experience.

3. Evaluate

Evaluate talent in real-world simulation without bias while providing equitable access to your opportunities, inciting developmental feedback and enhancing affinity to your brand.

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