Virtual Assessment Centres

Our Virtual Assessment Centre technology enables you to replicate a face-to-face Assessment Centre online in a way that ensures:

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  • A robust, valid and immersive assessment day, which candidates can easily access at home
  • An engaging and memorable learning experience for candidates
  • A seamless blend of live and asynchronous assessments, balancing personal interaction with smart, flexible use of assessor resource
  • Expert bespoke design of assessments for the online environment; offering the same level of candidate insightas face-to-face
  • A fair assessment process to support diversity and inclusion
  • Reduced business costs, by removing the need for travel and room bookings

Our offering includes

Live Strengths-based Interviews, delivered using Video Conferencing functionality (e.g. Zoom)

Individual Digital Exercises, delivered through our innovative Capptivate platform, with your branding applied

AC Administration, scoring and decision making supported by our technology platform

Individual assessments of strengths such as Collaboration; essential for a bias-free, standardised online assessment

Training, support and guidance for the delivery of engaging online assessments

Engaging icebreakers and non-assessed developmental activities to create an outstanding, differentiated candidate experience


Results and feedback

Candidates agreed or strongly agreed that:

  • The Virtual Assessment Centre feels innovative, engaging and interesting
  • They enjoyed the icebreakers and non-assessed activities
  • They enjoyed the combination of interactive and asynchronous assessments on the day

Assessors agreed or strongly agreed that:

  • They enjoyed being able to score all activities of the day in one platform
  • The Digital Exercises enabled them to score candidates effectively
  • They enjoyed being able to assess candidates virtually and not having to travel to the event